Real Estate Development

Mobius Urban Development LLC develops winning multi-family residential and commercial properties with a collaborative network of public private partnerships. We specialize in the successful planning and execution of well-conceived, socieo beneficial real estate development ventures with the local community and best industy practice .

Our partners are sponsors and owners wanting to maximize real estate assets that are under-performing. We assist in maneuvering the many government agencies involved in economic community development initiatives.

Residential & Commercial Construction

Mobius Urban Development LLC offers a management team with over 40 years of construction and engineering experience. Licensed in Massachusetts, Maryland and the District of Columbia, we provide architects, engineers, construction managers, and skilled tradesmen with expertise in CPM Scheduling, Estimating, Carpentry, Doors & Windows, Drywall, Electrical Services, Flooring, Painting, and Demolition. Each professional is experienced in all areas of construction and design, as required within the contract specifications and scope. We bring a sensible and sustainable approach with a design and or build model that continually strives to minimize waste, use local resources, and reduce our carbon footprint. We have a variety of professional and construction services to satisfy the business needs of our clients.